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Khamis, 2 Februari 2012

Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia - Jom pegi check!!

 Arini cerita pasal Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia (KR1M)..
memandangkan ada kedai baru dibuka di Daerah Seberang Perai Utara, Pulau Pinang..
maknanya dibawah jagaan kami la..
minggu lepas ada pegi check KR1M ni..
hmm..maklum la kedai baru..
semua teratur dan kemas..
check dari segi kebersihan dan barang2 yang dijual..
sampel dah lama ambik masa tengah hot aritu..;)
serbuk kopi campuran dibuat di pulau pinang..result dah diterima..
semua okey dan selamat dimakan..

jom kita tengok2 kedai baru ni..

 antara pekerja2..

makanan sejuk beku pon banyak jugak..;)

 kalau nak dibandingkan memang harga lebih murah..
jenama pon lebih kurang ja..

 kalau nak tahu produk2 yang dijual dan lokasi KR1M ni dimana lawat la  http://www.kedairakyat1malaysia.com

Thumbs Up For KR1M

Source: The Sun - 31 January 2012
Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M) in Pulau Serai which is Malaysia’s largest KR1M shop is getting good response from the public who are looking for goods at a cheaper price. Even with various issues being played up by certain quarters to smear its products still people’s trust towards KR1M was not affected. The premise which was opened by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Jan 15, is the 25th convenient shop in the country.

The KR1M establishment appears to have help out low-income people to obtain goods they need at an affordable price. The shop which is located in the Rakyat Mall building also houses 24 shop lots that sell essential goods and wet items such as chicken, meat, fruits, computer stuff, clothes, phones, health products and so forth. Rakyat Mall which covers an area of about 1,680 square meters is a new innovative shopping under one roof meant for the whole family. It is open as early as 10am until 10pm. A review at the shops indicated, consumers from around the town areas and surrounding villages in the district also did not miss the opportunity to visit the KR1M shop to buy their foodstuff with the 1Malaysia logo, such as cooking oil, eggs, flour and rice. One such customer, M. Anathaneyegi said that she enjoyed shopping at the shop because the price is very reasonable as compared to the supermarkets.

“I have come to KR1M shops a few times to buy goods and I noticed that the government pays a lot of attention on the welfare of the low-income people by way of offering essential items at a cheaper price,” she said. Anathaneyegi added, besides the reasonable price, workers at the KR1M shop also give good service to the customers. “The shop assistants are very good. Although many customers are in the shop, they are still able to give good service and never fail to smile,” she said. According to Loo Lee Chean, 57 , another customer, said that the goods at KR1M shop are much cheaper. This is in a way has help people especially those who are less fortunate to buy their groceries. “I propose to the government to open more KR1M shops in other areas because I believe the people in those areas also require goods at the shop,” she added.

Loo further added that this is the first time she visited KR1M shop and is very satisfied with the price of goods sold and its quality. Ban Yin Leng, 58, clarified that she came to the shop to buy daily items because the prices offered are very reasonable. “As a housewife, I usually compare the prices of essential goods in supermarkets and I found that the prices offered by the shop are much cheaper,” she said. She praised the government’s move to open the shop at the location because it is a place where most of the low income people live. Siti Zuraina Ariff, 36, commented that the government’s promise to assist the traders who are often pressed by rising prices has been interpreted through the launch of this shop. “The price offered by the shop is notably lower. I can get a discount of 20 to 30 percent by buying goods at this shop.

There is nothing more to express our gratitude other than to thank the government,” she said. Siti also hoped that the price of goods offered in the shop to remain without any further hike. Meanwhile, another customer, Noraniza Kamsani, 25, said she has compared the prices of goods in KR1M with other stores and it appears that KR1M offers much lower prices and better quality goods. “The government is helping the people through the establishment of KR1M and I do not understand why the opposition is using it as their political agenda. “The setting up of the KR1M is to reduce people’s expenses, so the opposition should not make KR1M as their political agenda,” she stressed.

 terima kasih PM kita Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Hj. Abd Razak 
yang begitu memahami rakyat..;)

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